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2020  Understory, Project Gallery 90, Paddington

2020   Seen Unseen, The Shop Gallery, Glebe

2014    High & Low, Near & Far, A-M Gallery, Newtown

2013    Emerging Artist Prize, NOW Contemporary Art Prize, Shoalhaven Regional Arts Gallery

2012    Finalist Paddington Art Prize, Mary Place Gallery,Paddington

2010    Painted from Memory, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown

2010    A Winter Harvest, June-July 2010, selected gallery artists, Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

2008  Spring Collection, Greenstone Gallery, Emerald Beach

2007   Fire and Rain, Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Pyrmont

2007   Streetscape: featuring the paintings of Martin McEwen, Gallery Adagio, Glebe

2006   Recent Paintings, The Last Drop Café, Dulwich Hill

2006   After the Winter, Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Pyrmont

2005   Mura Clay Artists of 2005, Mura Clay Gallery, Newtown

2004   Mura Clay Artists of 2004, Mura Clay Gallery, Newtown

2004   Focus on the Inner City, Mura Clay Gallery, Newtown


2010    Painting Master Class, NAS, Kim Spooner

2009   Painting Master Class, NAS, Roger Crawford

2002   Painting II, Fine Arts, Meadowbank TAFE, Steven Harvey

2002   Digital Art, Fine Arts, Meadowbank TAFE

2001    Painting I, Fine Arts, Meadowbank TAFE, Peter Sharp

1977     Diploma in Education, University of Sydney

1976     Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Education, University of Sydney


Image: Saddler’s Creek, Art Collector, April 2011

The Art Life: Leaving the Comfort Zone, July 2007


In my work I am interested in exploring both the experience and representation of ‘place’; the way it feels to be immersed in landscape and to move between physical and imagined places.


In my most recent work I have taken liberties with the appearance of landscape. I have played with colour, light, space and, increasingly, remembered forms, to produce images that focus more on expressing my experience and interaction with the landscapes they were drawn from. While in these places I sketch in crayon, watercolour or ink to create an image and ideas bank. I start on a number of small paintings ‘plein air’. These ‘sketches’ and visual notes form the basis of larger works that I paint in the studio. These  images are figurative yet draw on elements of abstraction.



In my earlier ‘Postcard’ series, each installation expresses a response to place based on an accumulation of visual images. Familiar elements of a landscape were painted onto small postcards, then assembled to form a multifaceted image that represents how one experiences place. Each individual image presents a realistic depiction, however collectively the multiple perspectives allow us to view the landscape from within and from above simultaneously. As the eye shifts between different focal points a sense of spatial and temporal movement is created.


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